A Set Of Tools To Help You Discover Stocks To Day Trade


Find Stocks To Day Trade

Finding healthy stocks to Day Trade is difficult .  Day Trade Stock is the solution to finding viable Day Trading ideas.  This suite of tools is designed to provide a stream of information and technical indicators so that you’re watching healthy stocks.  The tools and services Day Trade Stock offers are largely based on a Momentum Breakout Strategy.  We focus on generating a watch list of Low Float stocks. We provide a range of easy to use scanners and notifications systems.

Website Tools To Discover Stock Trading Ideas

The only way to day trade stock using a momentum strategy is to consistently be able to find it.  You need to be able to scan the market for a unique set of conditions and indicators that happen just before a momentum breakout.  The Day Trade Stock Website has scanning tools pre-configured to help locate a potential momentum opportunity.

Momentum breakouts occur when key indicators begin to increase in value or increase in occurrence.  Some of these well known indicators can be an increase in a stocks Volume Trades or Price.  Other times it’s more subtle and gradual like crossing a moving average or moving above VWAP.  What ever your preference, our finely tuned tools identify these conditions and allow you to be the first to know.

Our scanning tools run about every 15 to 20 seconds scanning and analyzing all NASDAQ and NYSE Low Float stocks looking for these indicators.  We currently focus on about 2000 stocks between $.90 and $5.00


Stock Trade Ideas

Stock Trade Ideas show opportunity based on a combined set of indicators.  They are presented in a summarized list.


Day Trade Scanners

Our Scanners are set-up to monitor factors based on a momentum trading strategy.  These include volume, trades and price action.


Day Trading Strategy

To better understand the momentum day trading strategy, we have put together a thorough explanation of how it works.


Technical Terms Explained

There are so many technical indicators that are used to detect a momentum breakout.  Here are some great explanations.


Real Time Trade Ideas Right To Your Phone

Mobile messaging is really the best solution for quick notifications.  The reasons are many, but mostly, it’s separate from your computer and it’s with you everywhere you go.  This can really help in quickly transitioning from the Trade Idea to your Trading Program.  We usually send 15 to 40 Trade Ideas out to your Mobile Device daily.  Unlike the Website Tools that we offer, we do not send multiple Text Ideas on the same stock symbol, in the same day. 

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High Relative Volume to Yesterday

ONCS7.29 Times Yesterday Vol.
UNIS4.14 Times Yesterday Vol.
I2.9 Times Yesterday Vol.
CHEK2.39 Times Yesterday Vol.
HHS2.31 Times Yesterday Vol.
OCN2.17 Times Yesterday Vol.
AVXL1.78 Times Yesterday Vol.
AEZS1.71 Times Yesterday Vol.
SNMX1.58 Times Yesterday Vol.
WINT1.31 Times Yesterday Vol.

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Highest Money Movers Today

OCN+ $0.76Price Change
PRGX+ $0.55Price Change
EKSO+ $0.50Price Change
BVX+ $0.42Price Change
UNIS+ $0.34Price Change
OHRP+ $0.33Price Change
MTL+ $0.30Price Change
KMPH+ $0.28Price Change
ECR+ $0.22Price Change
MOBL+ $0.20Price Change

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View Our Accuracy Repots

At the end of each trading day, we publish the results of the trade ideas that are generated from our system.  This the most transparent method to ensure accountability and trust in our information.

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